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Welcome to Be Trained

Delivering Business Success Through People

Our strategic aim is to enable organisations to achieve their business simulation results by facilitating a personal development journey for their workforce, by equipping them with the tools and the techniques they will need to LEARN GROW PERFORM.

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Business Simulations

Explaining Complex Business And Financial Concepts

It is an activity-based learning intervention designed to provide a structured, risk-free environment in which to learn, apply and improve skills while engaging in strategic business decision-making.

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Regulatory Exams

Still Need To PASS Your RE Exams?

Contact us NOW for expert training and support by our qualified and experienced team, led by Gary, who has been successfully training RE Workshops for thousands of people in both Large institutions as well as the S.M.E.’s over the past 3 years!

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Microsoft Office

Want To Improve Your MS Skills?

Here at Be Trained we will help you improve your Microsoft Office skills, courses range from Microsoft Access Basic till Microsoft Word and many more.

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Celebrating 10 Years

Providing Service and Product delivery that works for your Business.

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We are professionals in the training and development field. We are passionate about developing people and assisting organisations in reaching their objectives. Read more

  • Key To Success

    The success of any learning intervention we provide is largely due to the integration of and alignment to the organisation's goals with that of the individual’s.

  • Who we are

    Since its inception in 2004, Be Trained has created and facilitated management, leadership and sales development programs and…

  • What do you have to gain?

    So what better way than to enable you to have this experience! Let’s chat as soon as possible to discuss the logistics…

Customised Business Solutions

Because one size doesn’t fit all, we offer customised training solutions focused on your specific needs.