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Welcome to Be Trained

Delivering Business Success Through People

Our strategic aim is to enable organisations to achieve their business simulation results by facilitating a personal development journey for their workforce, by equipping them with the tools and the techniques they will need to LEARN GROW PERFORM.

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Business Simulations

Explaining Complex Business And Financial Concepts

It is an activity-based learning intervention designed to provide a structured, risk-free environment in which to learn, apply and improve skills while engaging in strategic business decision-making.

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Regulatory Exams

Still Need To PASS Your RE Exams?

Contact us NOW for expert training and support by our qualified and experienced team, led by Gary, who has been successfully training RE Workshops for thousands of people in both Large institutions as well as the S.M.E.’s over the past 3 years!

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Microsoft Office

Want To Improve Your MS Skills?

Here at Be Trained we will help you improve your Microsoft Office skills, courses range from Microsoft Access Basic till Microsoft Word and many more.

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Celebrating 10 Years

Providing Service and Product delivery that works for your Business.

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Our Team



Has over 17 years experience in the field of Learning and Development as well as being a Motivational Speaker.

Vanitha is passionate about helping businesses develop their people’s potential and finds working with others stimulating and rewarding, enjoying the excitement that groups provide. She enjoys taking charge, speaking out and directing the activities of others. She is always eager to engage in new activities, travel to foreign countries and to experience different cultures, ideas and challenges. What matters most to her, is to enrich the lives of South Africans, while making a significant contribution to enhancing the economical landscape of South Africa.

Vanitha specialises in process facilitation as well as facilitation of management and leadership programmes. Her most recent and successful facilitation methodology employed is that of business simulations across different organisations and industries globally. For the past 6 years she has been involved in managing and facilitating business simulations at the London Business School’s MBA programme in London, UK. In addition she has also been involved in running business simulations at Smith College, Massachusetts, USA, SIAM Commercial Bank in Thailand, Standard Bank Group, SA, Nedbank Group, SA and the ANGLO-leaders in Action Programme.

She also specialises in the instructional design and development of training interventions in the form of workshops, courses, e-learning, and satellite training. She has developed and facilitated various management and leadership programmes in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Greece, USA and the UK. She believes that learning must be fun, stimulating, and designed for lots of self discovery to have the most meaning and impact for the learner.

Vanitha has experience in working in two of the countries’ largest Financial Institutions, viz. FNB and Deloitte, resulting in all clients receiving world-class service based on global standards.

Vanitha holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a distinction in Industrial Psychology. She is currently completing her degree in Psychology. Vanitha has also contributed to the development of AISEC students in the field of Sales and Presentation skills on a pro bono basis. She has designed and developed and facilitated leadership workshops for scholars in Johannesburg and Durban, also on a pro bono basis, as she is passionate about the development of children and young adults in empowering and inspiring them to achieve.

By employing an entrepreneurial philosophy, she has been a non-executive member of the board of Indigold Property Holdings (Pty) LTD and Eloquent Events (Pty) LTD, as well as being a member of the Business Womens Association (BWA).

In the past few years she has been instrumental in hosting a Women’s Day conference which highlighted the plight of women being abused, in conjunction with POWA (People Opposed to Women Abuse). More recently, she has been involved in fundraising initiatives for the People Living with Cancer (PLWC) and CanSurvive Organisations. Having survived the onslaught of breast cancer herself, she uses her renewed enthusiasm and energy to help others. Vanitha has initiated and implemented fundraising initiatives for a number of needy cases; Leyantha Perumal – Stem Cell Transplant in China; Viriksha Naidu – Rare Blood cancer; Cody Manickum – Represented SA at the Commonwealth Games in Montreal, Canada.

She is passionate about the development of people and is committed to providing unparalleled customer service, maintaining exceptional client relationships and elevating the brand name & reputation of high-profile organisations.



An ambitious and enthusiastic young lady who has had the good fortune of working across different companies and various industries.

On completion of her matriculation, Heila qualified as a facilitator, completed the National Diploma in HR Management and Practices. Being an avid learner and proponent of individual development, she is a ETQA registered assessor and moderator.

Heila is bilingual and very proficient in both English and Afrikaans. She exudes confidence and above average verbal and written skills in all communication. She was born in Johannesburg and has lived there ever since. However she is very keen to travel and her position as a learning and development professional has afforded the opportunity to travel nationwide and to the continent.

Having worked in organisations like the First Rand Group, National Samsung, Panasonic and CANON, has obviously stood her in good stead. She has honed her skills in communication, presentation skills, project management, facilitation, negotiation and coaching. As a result of her drive, determination and enthusiasm for people development, Heila continued to build her skills and knowledge. She explored and gained an excellent working knowledge of the various SA legislation affecting businesses, e.g. Employment Equity Act, Labour Relations Act, National Credit Act, FAIS and FICA, amongst others.

Heila is a professional with a passion for development and working with people. She strongly advocates honesty and integrity in all her dealings with businesses and individuals. She developed astute leadership skills while employed as a training manager at Canon, Samsung and FNB. Since then, Heila has established herself as expert in the delivery of Microsoft training. She has very successfully run MS Office training across various industries and companies, like Denel, Anglo, SARS, SGS, SAAB, Value Logistics, Karbochem and Armscor.

Being a very ambitious and driven entrepreneur, Heila left the corporate world to offer her high value services to the market in 2012.

Heila joined the ranks of Be Trained in 2014, as a result of the immense synergy between herself and the business. This has enabled her to expand her visibility and market, while still offering her clients the best value for their investment in people development.

Heila is committed to driving people’s potential in the area of learning and development as well as ensuring that business grows as a result of the investment in developing its people.