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Welcome to Be Trained

Delivering Business Success Through People

Our strategic aim is to enable organisations to achieve their business simulation results by facilitating a personal development journey for their workforce, by equipping them with the tools and the techniques they will need to LEARN GROW PERFORM.

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Business Simulations

Explaining Complex Business And Financial Concepts

It is an activity-based learning intervention designed to provide a structured, risk-free environment in which to learn, apply and improve skills while engaging in strategic business decision-making.

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Regulatory Exams

Still Need To PASS Your RE Exams?

Contact us NOW for expert training and support by our qualified and experienced team, led by Gary, who has been successfully training RE Workshops for thousands of people in both Large institutions as well as the S.M.E.’s over the past 3 years!

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Microsoft Office

Want To Improve Your MS Skills?

Here at Be Trained we will help you improve your Microsoft Office skills, courses range from Microsoft Access Basic till Microsoft Word and many more.

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Celebrating 10 Years

Providing Service and Product delivery that works for your Business.

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Why Us

  1. Be Trained has been in business for 10 years, since 2004.
  2. We are a Proudly South African business, a B-BBEE Level 3 Contributor (URN: BEE 7401124)
  3. We value integrity, passion, ambition and commitment.
  4. We have delivered to international and national clients across various industries.
  5. Some of the entities we have delivered to include:
    • First Rand Banking Group
    • Mutual & Federal
    • Business Simulation programme to the Standard Bank Group (in partnership with Executive Perspectives - EP)
    • Business Simulation programme to the Nedcor Group (in partnership with EP)
    • Anglo-American Corporation - Leaders in Action Program (in partnership with EP)
    • Smith College USA - Women in Business Leadership Program (in partnership with EP)
    • The London Business School, London, UK (in partnership with EP)
    • Siam Commercial Bank Thailand (in partnership with EP)
    • On-Track Learning Solutions
    • Glenrand MIB (now AON)
    • Computer Facilities
    • Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) – Strategy Session & Strategy Review Session
    • SAAB Grintek & Grinaker Defence
  6. Our professional team has extensive experience in business and the training and development field in various organisations within various industries
  7. Our international and local alliances and affiliations
  8. We thrive on change and our flexibility to adapt
  9. Our strong business acumen
  10. The range and quality of our products
  11. Our innovative methodologies
  12. We believe in measurement and measures at every stage of the process, which include:
    • Impact (Level’s 1-4 on the Kirkpatrick scale)
    • Cost
    • Client Satisfaction (ease to work with, deliver on promises, exceed expectations)
  13. Our excellent client references and repeat business
  14. We have multiple levels of quality assurance built into our development and facilitation activities
  15. We are leaders in the field of business simulation delivery
    • Our business simulation software is a tool for acquiring and exploring skills, models, content, decisions and actions
    • We lead with learning objectives, not with software
    • We focus on how the experience will prepare leaders for their real-world business challenges
    • We customise our learning interventions and software to fit learning objectives
  16. We are a Consultative Leadership Development firm - We are providers and partners to our clients
  17. We are passionate in our endeavor to unlock the true potential of each learner by affording them the opportunity to grow within themselves and their respective environment.
  18. Our education, training and development methodology is geared at attaining results at three levels namely; organisational, team and individual
  19. Be Trained uses several learning and delivery approaches:
    • monologues,
    • triads,
    • brainstorming to enable action learning,
    • experiential learning, and
    • self-observation in the workplace.
  20. FREE coffee and smiles
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Customised Training Interventions
  • Classroom – Based Facilitation
  • Group Process Facilitation
  • Strategy Planning
  • On-Site Training
  • Microsoft Office Courses
  • Compliance Training
  • High-Performance Team Development
  • Coaching & Mentorship
  • Conferences & Seminar Facilitation
  • Professional Speaking Engagements
  • Strategic Business Simulation Solutions
  • Instructional Design
  • Design & Development of:
    • Systems Training Manuals
    • Process & Procedure Guides
    • Technical Guides
    • e-Learning solutions for Technical and Soft Skills
    • Interactive, outcomes-based courses and workshops
    • Course Material: Facilitator Guides; Participant Guides; Assessment Guides, Assessment Tools; PowerPoint Slides; Handouts; Games etc.