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Welcome to Be Trained

Delivering Business Success Through People

Our strategic aim is to enable organisations to achieve their business simulation results by facilitating a personal development journey for their workforce, by equipping them with the tools and the techniques they will need to LEARN GROW PERFORM.

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Business Simulations

Explaining Complex Business And Financial Concepts

It is an activity-based learning intervention designed to provide a structured, risk-free environment in which to learn, apply and improve skills while engaging in strategic business decision-making.

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Regulatory Exams

Still Need To PASS Your RE Exams?

Contact us NOW for expert training and support by our qualified and experienced team, led by Gary, who has been successfully training RE Workshops for thousands of people in both Large institutions as well as the S.M.E.’s over the past 3 years!

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Microsoft Office

Want To Improve Your MS Skills?

Here at Be Trained we will help you improve your Microsoft Office skills, courses range from Microsoft Access Basic till Microsoft Word and many more.

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Celebrating 10 Years

Providing Service and Product delivery that works for your Business.

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The Big 13

Strategic Perspectives
Global Perspectives
Service Leadership
Strategic Solutions
Leading The Team
Leading Collaboratively
Strategic Horizons
Oil and Gas
Integrated Financial Services
Railroad Curriculum Level 1
Railroad Curriculum Level 2
Railroad Curriculum Level 3
Railroad Curriculum Level 4

Strategic Perspectives

Strategic Perspectives


Key Learning Objectives

  • Formulate and Implement a Strategy
  • Collaborate Cross-Functionally
  • Explore Competitor Dynamics
  • Employ your Analytical Skills
  • Build an Effective Team
  • Create productive Team Processes
  • Practice Personal Leadership behaviours
  • Maximize your Individual Learning
Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives


Key Learning Objectives

  • More difficult than Strategic Perspectives
  • Includes:
    • Merger/Acquisition
    • Global branding versus Regional Branding
    • Robust Shipping Matrix
    • Appropriate for a Manufacturing Firm (where they want their managers to appreciate the challenges of their manufacturing business)
Service Leadership

Service Leadership


Key Learning Objectives

  • Managing and drive change
  • Communication: what, when, how
  • Inspire and motivate employees
  • Influencing across silos
  • Consistency in messaging/priorities
  • Collaboration
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Innovative and creative
  • Communication Skills
  • Empower direct reports, delegate
  • Take risks – allow failure
  • Systems thinking
  • Cost analysis
Strategic Solutions

Strategic Solutions


Key Learning Objectives

  • Think strategically
  • Act collaboratively
  • Lead with clarity of vision
  • Think analytically
  • Focus on the people side of the equation
  • Deliver results
  • Build effective teams
  • Select and develop people
  • Use communication messages strategically
  • Champion diversity
  • Develop an organisational mindset
  • Effectively implement personal feedback
  • Learn through reflection
Leading The Team

Leading The Team


Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand that the manager’s appropriate treatment of an employee is the most direct and lasting way to increase their satisfaction and motivation.
  • Improve employee morale and productivity.
  • Practice diagnosing management challenges that lead to winning decisions.
  • Experiment with building a manager-employee relationship based on trust to improve employee performance.
  • Learn best practices from fellow managers through facilitated group discussions.
  • Understand the important role that managers/supervisors play in improving employee satisfaction.
  • Learn the keys to becoming a successful team leader/manager
Leading Collaboratively

Leading Collaboratively & Cross-Functionally


Key Learning Objectives

  • Build effective, collaborative teams to meet customer, employee, and business requirements
  • See the corporation from a holistic point of view and how decisions impact various elements of the system
  • Use systems thinking to see the links within a business
  • Develop and maintain alignment from the inception of an idea through its implementation
  • Balance both the short- and long-term demands of a business
  • Understand the business need for cross organisational collaboration
  • Practice process mapping in a realistic business setting
  • See the power of visioning to achieve bottom line results
Strategic Horizons

Strategic Horizons


Key Learning Objectives

  • Manage an organisation as a whole business system, viewing opportunities and problems in their larger financial, customer, and competitive business context.
  • Balance competing interests and perspectives on business opportunities while maintaining organisational alignment.
  • Apply leadership practices presented in the course content and frameworks in a real world environment.
Oil and Gas

Oil And Gas

Key Learning Objectives

We have extensive and relevant experience in the oil & gas industry.

We have worked around the globe with Integrated Oil Companies, National Oil Companies, and large independents. We have developed simulations for, some of the world’s largest oil & gas companies including:

  • Saudi Aramco – development of strategic leadership and value creation skills for senior managers and high-potentials focused on execution of corporate strategy.
  • Amoco (British Petroleum) – management and leadership development focusing on executing strategy throughout the organisation.
  • ExxonMobil – managing capital assets, including reserves and producing assets, and maximizing the overall value and performance of the organisation’s portfolio. This was deployed throughout the US Exploration and Production company.
  • ExxonMobil – effectively running the downstream business. This included two simulations focused on managing the station and convenience store operations.

To date, over 100,000 participants have participated in an EP Business Simulation with over 10,000 of these participants being focused on the oil & gas industry.

Integrated Financial Services

Integrated Financial Services


Key Learning Objectives

  • Leverage a sound understanding of fundamentals of the financial services sector to make better business decisions.
  • Anticipate problems through an enhanced perspective of how different parts of the financial services business inter-relate.
  • Enhance business performance through a better understanding of key operational levers and business drivers.
  • Create and implement a long term growth strategy.
  • Diagnose and address organisational challenges through the implementation of effective pricing, product, staffing, operational, and infrastructure management policies
  • Learn best practices from fellow managers through facilitated group discussions.
Railroad Curriculum Level1

The Basics of Railroad (Level1)


Key Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate the intricacies and complexities of a railroad.
  • Learn by doing by taking a job you don’t perform in real life.
  • Break down silos by collaborating, teaching and learning from others.
  • Employ strategic thinking models to run the railroad.
  • Practice needed leadership behaviors.
  • Use teamwork process tools to become more effective as a team member.
Railroad Curriculum Level2

Railroad Operations (Level 2)


Key Learning Objectives

  • Manage the railroad as a whole service system, viewing opportunities and problems in their larger network context.
  • Balance competing interests and perspectives on business opportunities.
  • Practice & apply needed network concepts in a realistic business environment.
  • Optimize overall results by thinking globally then acting locally.
  • Work together across departments.
  • Understand the impact of key resources critical to the effective and efficient operation of the railroad.
  • Appreciate how your daily actions help or hinder key railroad resources.
  • Employ enterprise-benefiting decisions to improve service levels & value to customers.
  • Ensure employee safety, competence, and satisfaction.
  • Combine and leverage the capabilities of operational departments to create customer-centric solutions.
Railroad Curriculum Level3

Railroad Management (Level 3)


Key Learning Objectives

  • Promote a culture focused on cooperation and collaboration by thinking system wide while acting locally.
  • Understand the key impacts of drivers which are critical to the effective and efficient operation of our railroad.
  • Seek to build a teamwork-centered culture throughout the railroad.
  • Consciously contribute to the railroad’s financial success by focusing on improving service levels, customer satisfaction, employee safety, and job satisfaction.
  • Create a successful customer relationship by taking calculated risks.
  • Appreciate how maintaining your infrastructure will ensure long-term viability.
  • Meet customer needs now – and as they evolve in the future.
  • Set a new standard for success by understanding that we’re all connected.
  • Actively share your knowledge, experiences and insights.
Railroad Curriculum Level4

Railroad Leadership (Level 4)


Key Learning Objectives

  • Manage a railroad as a whole network system.
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of a business opportunity.
  • Optimize locally while thinking globally.
  • Make strategic customer-focused decisions.
  • View opportunities and problems in their larger network context.
  • Formulate a strategy that provides clear guidelines for action.
  • Balance competing interests and perspectives on railroad-specific business opportunities.
  • Experience past locally-optimizing scenarios and the impact on the railroad network.
  • Practice Leadership Skills & Values in a real-world environment.
  • Apply and test key network management strategy concepts.
  • Communicate in a way that motivates and compels others.